A Visual AI For Everything You Do

OverScene fits right into your workflow to make your art, design, code, and image creation more efficient and fun.

  • no pesky plugins
  • no expensive subscriptions
  • no learning curve
  • no vendor lock-in
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OverScene over ZBrush (original model by @FynnGB), 'A demon as The Joker'

Slay your creative demons

Test ideas and generate moodboards in seconds:

Transform sketches into masterpieces in any software

Paint, Photoshop, Illustrator... unlock their full potential, without any plugins!

Make your 3D models come alive with stunning detail and realism

Blender, ZBrush, Sketchup, Revit... OverScene elevates your 3D creations to a whole new level.

Convert screenshots to code effortlessly

Prototype in seconds, without writing a single line of code.

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OverScene over a scanned pencil sketch, 'A magical fantasy kingdom'

It works like magic!

Advanced technology, indistinguishable from magic :)

One-click installation

Dive right into AI without the hassle of complex setups or plugin overload.

An AI looking glass

Drag OverScene's floating frame over any content and transform it with a click.

Ask and you shall receive

Instantly turn wireframe to code, summarize complex text, or generate realistic 3D renders.

Create like never before

Power up your projects with generative AI, crafting bespoke content on command.

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OverScene over Tinkercad, 'Painted wooden toys on table'

AI easy as child's play

Release your creativity from the constraints of operating systems or plugins. OverScene hooks onto state-of-the-art AI platforms like OpenAI and Replicate.com, guaranteeing the ideal tool for any project.

Access a world of AI models

Image-to-image, image-to-text, text-to-image, depth-to-image, pose-to-image, text summarization, code generation, 3D rendering, and more - OverScene has it all.

Enjoy complete creative freedom

No restrictions, just your choice of AI for every task..

Experience lightweight efficiency

OverScene is optimized to be light on resources, keeping your workflow smooth and swift.


Ready to create magic?


buy once, own forever
works with any software
for home use
6 AI presets
3 user-editable AIs
save images to your hard disk

buy once, own forever
works with any software
for home or commercial use
43+ AI presets
unlimited user-editable AIs
local backup
export to moodboard
add any AI from OpenAi
add any AI from Replicate.com
add any custom APISOON
real-time image generationSOON
image to code
style transfer
multi modal chat modeSOON
suggest features
offline AISOON
& much more
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Works with any software

Augment every.single.app

Discover the magic of co-creating with AI.
OverScene is your all-in-one visual copilot, ready to enhance all your projects, whatever software you use.

Sounds great?

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OverScene is a lightweight app that makes it easy to use AI with any of your good old apps.
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